🎙️ 7 Best Podcasts for Newbie Devs

Exploring the top podcasts for new developers.

🎙️ 7 Best Podcasts for Newbie Devs

Over recent years I love listening to podcasts.

They are one of the single best ways to intake information whilst going about your daily business.

I like listening to podcasts whilst going to the gym, cleaning the house, going for walks, cooking - pretty much any task where I don’t have to think too much about what I’m doing.

We all know coding and learning to code can be pretty hands-on. You at least always have to be looking at a screen whether you’re writing code or watching / reading a tutorial.

But did you know that there are actually some really great and engaging podcasts available where you can still learn new things without staring at a screen?

Some of these podcasts cover technical topics, whereas some involve people sharing their stories as developers which can be both inspirational and entertaining.

I’ve gathered a list of the best 7 podcasts for newbie developers to get you through those boring and mundane tasks or give you a break from tutorial hell.

Let’s take a look:

#1 - CodeNewbie


The CodeNewbie podcast is a popular resource among new developers seeking insights and inspiration on their coding journey.

It features stories from people who have transitioned into the tech industry from various backgrounds, offering advice, motivational stories, and practical coding tips.

The podcast is well-regarded for its welcoming and supportive approach to newcomers in tech, making complex topics accessible and engaging for listeners at the start of their coding careers.

#2 - Syntax FM

Syntax FM

Syntax FM is a fantastic podcast for developers of all levels, particularly appealing if you’re new to the field.

Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, two experienced developers and educators, Syntax FM covers a wide range of topics relevant to web development, including JavaScript frameworks, CSS, HTML, and various backend technologies.

The podcast stands out for its approachable and conversational style, making complex topics more digestible.

Wes and Scott share practical advice, personal experiences, and useful resources, making Syntax FM an essential listen for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of web development while enjoying the camaraderie and insights of two seasoned developers.

#3 - Learn to Code With Me

Learn to Code With Me

The Learn to Code With Me podcast is a valuable resource for anyone beginning their coding journey.

Hosted by Laurence Bradford, this podcast features interviews with a diverse range of guests from the tech industry, including developers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

The discussions focus on the pathways to learning coding and breaking into the tech industry, providing actionable advice, tips on overcoming challenges, and insights into the latest technological trends.

Its accessible approach demystifies the process of learning to code and offers listeners encouragement and strategies for progressing from beginners to tech professionals.

#4 - The Changelog

The Changelog

The Changelog podcast is a highly respected source for developers interested in open source and the people behind it.

Hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, the podcast dives deep into the world of open source technology, covering a wide array of topics from software development, programming languages, and coding frameworks to the latest trends and innovations.

The hosts interview influential figures in the tech community, offering listeners insights into the projects and personalities driving the future of software development.

Its in-depth discussions, coupled with the hosts' passion and knowledge, make it a great resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the evolving landscape of open source technology.

#5 - Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour

The Front End Happy Hour podcast is an engaging and informative series for front-end developers and web designers.

Hosted by a panel of software engineers from notable tech companies, the podcast dives into a wide range of topics related to front-end development, including the latest technologies, frameworks, and best practices.

The informal and conversational tone, combined with the hosts' real-world experiences, makes for both an educational and entertaining listen.

The unique format, featuring a mix of discussion and interviews with industry leaders, provides listeners with insights and tips that are applicable to both newbies and experienced professionals in the tech field.

#6 - JavaScript Jabber

Front End Happy Hour

JavaScript Jabber is a must-listen for anyone interested in JavaScript, regardless of your experience level.

This weekly podcast dives deep into the JavaScript ecosystem, covering topics from frontend frameworks like React and Angular to backend development with Node.js, and everything in between.

The hosts, along with a rotating panel of guest experts, discuss trends, share insights, and offer valuable tips and resources.

This engaging format not only helps listeners stay on top of the latest in JavaScript but also provides practical advice and learning resources to improve their coding skills.

JavaScript Jabber is praised for its in-depth discussions, making it a valuable resource for both newcomers and seasoned developers looking to deepen their JavaScript knowledge.

#7 - Developer Tea

Developer Tea

The Developer Tea podcast is designed for developers who want to enhance their careers and coding skills in brief, digestible episodes.

Hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, the podcast offers insightful discussions that cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to software development and personal growth within the tech industry.

The episodes are concise, often around 10-20 minutes, making them perfect for a tea break or a short commute.

The podcast aims to provide listeners with practical advice, industry insights, and thoughtful discussions on the latest trends and challenges in software development, making it an excellent resource for developers at any stage of their career.


As you can see, there is no shortage of engaging, educational, and inspirational podcasts for new developers looking to enhance their skills.

From the welcoming community focus of CodeNewbie to the industry insights on JavaScript Jabber, these podcasts enable you to continue learning while tackling life's mundane tasks.

The variety of topics and formats covered by these podcasts provides valuable perspectives, practical advice, and supportive communities for newcomers in tech.

So next time you need a learning boost but can't sit down in front of a screen, queue up one of these podcasts to motivate and inspire your coding journey.

By making these incredible free resources a part of your regular routine, you’ll find that your understanding grows exponentially over time. Knowledge builds upon itself, so the more you learn, the easier it becomes to pick up new concepts as developers.

Stay curious, open-minded, and keep hitting “play”– you’ll be a confident, capable coder before you know it!

From your fellow ever-growing dev,

Cherlock Code

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