🛑 7 Hidden Gems to Learn Ruby for Free

Discover the best online resources to learn Ruby for free in 2023.

🛑 7 Hidden Gems to Learn Ruby for Free

Before I kickstarted my career as a software engineer, I joined a Coding Bootcamp.

I was really keen on learning JavaScript, but to my surprise the first thing we were taught and had to learn was Ruby.

Now, I had barely even heard of this language before, let alone used it, however, the more and more I coded and built stuff with it, the more I fell in love and realised just how powerful it was.

After learning Ruby, it was then easy for me to pick up JavaScript, as many of the concepts and syntax were similar.

Ruby paved the way for allowing me to become the developer I am today, which is why I don’t hesitate in recommending it for beginners.

If you’re new to coding or learning how to code, let’s have a quick overview of what makes the Ruby programming language so awesome:

What is Ruby?

Ruby, developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"), is a slick and dynamic programming language that prioritises simplicity and readability.

Its design philosophy is all about the principle of making programmers happy, placing great emphasis on human-friendly code.

Ruby uses clean and expressive syntax so that it reads like natural language. This allows developers to write code that is not only efficient but also a joy to work with.

Why Choose Ruby?

As mentioned before Ruby is very beginner-friendly, as the learning curve is relatively gentle for newbies.

As well as this, there are several unique features and advantages that have contributed to its popularity among developers.

The language's concise syntax, combined with its extensive set of built-in methods and libraries, allows developers to accomplish complex tasks with minimal code.

Ruby's focus on developer happiness has created a supportive and creative community, encouraging collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

Ruby Frameworks and Libraries

One of the great aspects of Ruby is the abundance of frameworks and libraries that are available for you to work and build with.

Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular Ruby web application frameworks, allows developers to build robust and scalable websites with ease.

Sinatra, a lightweight framework, provides a minimalistic approach to web development, allowing developers to quickly create small-scale applications.

Then there’s Hanami, which emphasises modularity and is renowned for its flexibility and adaptability.

These frameworks, along with countless libraries, extend Ruby's capabilities, providing developers with powerful tools to accelerate development and enhance productivity.

To get started learning and building awesome things with Ruby, there are loads of great free resources available online.

I’ve picked out some of the best ones so you don’t have to.

Let’s take a look:

#1 - Codecademy


This was the first place where I started to learn Ruby.

Codecademy's Learn Ruby course is an amazing learning resource for mastering the flexible and beginner-friendly Ruby language.

Throughout the course, you'll learn fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, control flow, and the essential skill of object-oriented programming.

And by the end of the course, you'll have gained a solid understanding of Ruby and be equipped with the key takeaway skills needed to kickstart your Ruby programming journey.

#2 - LearnRubyOnline.org


LearnRubyOnline.org is your go-to destination for free interactive Ruby tutorials.

With no need for downloads, simply choose the chapter you wish to start from and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Here you’ll learn the basics of Ruby, from Hello World and variables to arrays, conditional statements, and methods with parameters.

LearnRubyOnline.org aims to provide an efficient learning experience by teaching coding directly within the browser, eliminating the need for local installations and creating a focused learning environment.

#3 - Educative


Educative's Learn Ruby from Scratch course offers a great introduction that will equip you with essential skills in programming using Ruby as your first language.

In this course, you will not only learn the fundamentals of Ruby but also gain proficiency in idiomatic Ruby programming, enabling you to write code that adheres to the language's best practices and conventions.

Throughout the course, you will explore various concepts, including blocks, methods, variables, built-in classes, objects, conditionals, regular expressions, and more, in a hands-on interactive learning experience.

#4 - RubyGuides


RubyGuides' Ruby Tutorial for Complete Beginners is a light and accessible resource for anyone looking to learn Ruby programming.

This tutorial covers all the essentials, from core programming concepts to practical applications. With a focus on repetition and patience, the tutorial ensures a solid understanding of Ruby's syntax and rules.

By following the step-by-step approach of this Ruby tutorial, you'll gain a solid understanding of each concept and its practical applications.

#5 - TutorialsPoint


TutorialsPoint's Learn Ruby Programming tutorial is a great resource designed to help beginners seeking to grasp the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Ruby scripting languages.

The tutorial assumes prior knowledge of computer programs and programming languages in general (however not totally necessary), providing a solid foundation for learners to get started with Ruby.

With a focus on clarity and accessibility, this tutorial serves as a guide for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and proficiency in Ruby programming.

#6 - LaunchSchool


LaunchSchool's Introduction to Programming with Ruby online book tutorial is specifically tailored for inexperienced or completely new programmers, offering a detailed foundation in Ruby programming.

By applying the principles and techniques outlined in this book, you’ll develop a strong fundamental knowledge of Ruby and use it as a stepping stone for exploring more advanced concepts.

The tutorial guides readers through common pitfalls and challenges faced by beginners, providing ample practice to solidify Ruby syntax and focus on real-world problem-solving and application development.

#7 - Learn Ruby The Hard Way

Learn Ruby The Hard Way

The Learn Ruby The Hard Way online book tutorial offers a unique approach to learning a programming language by focusing on the incredibly simple yet crucial steps that all programmers go through.

Through a series of exercises, you’ll be encouraged to meticulously go through each exercise, type the code accurately, and ensure that it runs successfully.

While initially challenging, persisting with the exercises for one to two hours each night will provide a solid foundation for further exploration of Ruby through other resources.

This book does not promise instant mastery, however, it will give you three essential skills: reading and writing code, attention to detail, and the ability to identify differences.

Bonus - YouTube Videos

If YouTube is more your thing, there are some great videos available for learning Ruby:

In conclusion, learning Ruby is an exciting and easy way into programming for anyone to get started.

With its flexibility, simplicity, and powerful features, Ruby offers a welcoming entry point into coding.

By immersing yourself in the learning materials discussed, practising consistently, and embracing the fundamental concepts of Ruby, you start creating innovative applications and bring your programming ambitions to life.

So start learning Ruby today and let’s see those gems!

From your fellow ever-growing dev,

Cherlock Code

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